The NFL could change the rules on tackling, fines and penalties

By Tom Black / Business Insider The NFL has introduced a new rule on tackling and tackling penalties that would make tackling a new offense punishable by five yards on the ground and a $100 fine.

While tackling is not a new offensive concept, it’s been banned since 2013 when the NFL instituted a rule that made tackling a major offense, along with several other penalties.

The rule change is in response to a study conducted by the NFL Players Association in the fall of 2016 that found that tackling rates in the league were increasing and that tackling and running were more frequent than ever.

The study found that in 2014, the average NFL tackle was 1.7 yards (and a touchdown) away from the quarterback, while the average tackle in 2016 was 1:38.

The league says the new rule will increase tackling rates, particularly in the red zone.

According to the NFL, the new tackle will come into effect on Sept. 1 and applies to tackles that occur in any portion of the field, regardless of distance.

The NFL says tackling will be penalized if a tackle results in a turnover, a fumble, or an intentional grounding.

The tackling penalty is also a new one, with the league saying the league’s new rule does not apply to the offensive lineman on the field.

“We’re going to look at the tackle on the play, not on the snap, but if there’s a tackle on a snap, and it’s on a play where the ball is snapped, it will be assessed,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement.

McCarthy added that the league is working with the NFLPA to implement the new penalty.

“We are working with our clubs to establish rules on the use of the hands to tackle,” McCarthy said.

In addition to the new tackling rule, McCarthy said the league has also created new penalties for defensive holding, holding penalties for offensive linemen and penalties for unnecessary roughness, which are already a part of the rulebook.

The NFL is expected to release the rule changes at the conclusion of the regular season.

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