When you go, you are not a ‘franchise player’: How the NRL’s NRLPA helped build the NRL franchise

Posted March 08, 2020 19:19:58The NRLPA is hoping to see the game grow again.

A decade after its inception, the union’s new executive committee is in Sydney for its annual meeting.

It has already met more than 20 times to discuss the future of the game, and is in a position to make major changes if it wants to win back fans and fans groups that have largely drifted away.

The new executive includes a number of people who have previously worked in football, including Paul Gallen, former chief executive of the NRL, and Craig Bellamy, the club’s former chief financial officer.

Its members are also expected to look at how they can grow the game’s grassroots appeal and attract a younger, more passionate audience.

In particular, they have been discussing how they might tackle the problem of the players wearing shorts.

A new policy has been drawn up that would see players wearing jerseys, a move that will be challenged by the NRL.

The AFL is also in the process of revamping its rules to allow players to be part of a tackle.

But for the most part, the NRL has stuck to the “one-and-done” approach.

The NRL says it is looking at how to create an online system that would allow fans to track how players are performing, and how well they are doing.

It also wants to change how it pays players.

While the NRLPA says its members want a more professional game, some of its members are concerned about the cost of playing the game.

A $20 million fee would be more than enough to fund the league’s existing operations.

While a more lucrative deal might be possible, the league is adamant that the money raised from that would go towards “other areas” such as infrastructure and player welfare.

There is also a growing movement within the union to consider how it could be more sustainable.

But the NRL is keen to stress that it will not be forced to move on.

While some of the biggest names in the game will be returning to the game after their current deals expire, there are still a number players who are playing for clubs they played for before the NRL came along.

“We’re certainly in a good position and in a unique position,” said NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg.

“We have a great team in place.

We have great players, great staff and fantastic support.”

The NRL has already put a new franchise deal in place, but it still needs to raise the money to build new stadiums.

While it has secured funding for two of its stadiums, there is no guarantee that they will be ready for the start of the 2020 season.

“The NRL will not put the game at risk just because a new stadium has been put in place,” Greenberg said.

“If the new stadium doesn’t look like it’s ready, we’re not going to rush into it just because the game has been in existence for a long time.”

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